2024 NARPI Summer Peacebuilding Training - Minamata and Miyazaki

We are excited to announce the 2024 NARPI Summer Peacebuilding Training will be held from August 12-21, 2024 in Minamata and Miyazaki (Kyushu, Japan). Below are details about courses, facilitators, program fees, scholarships, and the application process. We ask applicants to read the 2024 NARPI Summer Peacebuilding Training information package before applying.

Applications are now closed for the 2024 NARPI Summer Peacebuilding Training. We look forward to your participation in 2025.

Field Trip | August 13-14, 2024

NARPI provides a two-day field trip where participants visit various sites and meet people who have experienced historical, political, social, and cultural conflict, injustice, and peace. The field trip takes place in the region where NARPI is held — this year in Minamata. The field trip in Minamata will address the history of environmental pollution and efforts for restoration.

The city of Minamata has a history of environmental pollution in which people lost their lives due to mercury contamination from factory wastewater in the mid-20th century. The perpetrator company, Chisso, had built hydroelectric power plant dams and factories in the Korean Peninsula (North Korea) in colonial time (1932) Japan. The factory is still used in DPRK. The structural violence of environmental pollution divided and traumatized the community in the name of developing the business and state. In response, nonviolent social movements and a culture of restorative justice were nurtured to revitalize the region.  The field trip will highlight environmental justice as a common challenge for the contemporary Northeast Asia region by witnessing, hearing, and learning from local community members. It will provide the opportunity to ponder the continuities between the past colonialism in WW2  and the present social issues.


Day 1: Learning from the past
History of the Minamata Disease and conflict and struggle; site visits, storytelling from victims and families.

Day 2: Seeking a future together
Learning about justice and reconciliation efforts by local organizations and residents; stories and lessons over time.

Course List | August 16-20, 2024

1. Conflict and Peace Framework

2. Optimizing Peacebuilding by Increasing Trauma Awareness

3. Exploring Gender and Sexuality in Conflict and Peacebuilding: An Arts-based Approach

4. Restorative Justice: Healing our Society and the Planet

5. Creating Peacebuilding Programs

course descriptions

Evening Activities

This year our hostel in Miyazaki is located near the ocean. Participants are welcome to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the evenings. The hostel also provides a spa. On Day 4 (August 19), during the week of courses, Culture and Talent Night will be held during which participants and facilitators share their cultures through song, dance, photos, calligraphy, and more. 



Applications are now closed for the 2024 NARPI Summer Peacebuilding Training. We look forward to your participation in 2025.

2024 Schedule

August 11

Arrivals in Minamata for *Peace Games participants

August 12

Peace Games (organized by AFSC and GPPAC)

NARPI arrivals in Minamata & NARPI registration

August 13-14 Field trip in Minamata
August 15 To Miyazaki by bus

August 16-20

(Participants will choose their top two choices, and be enrolled in one five-day course.)

Course #1: Conflict and Peace Framework
KIM Gayeon and KAJITA Natsuha

Course #2: Optimizing Peacebuilding by Increasing Trauma Awareness
LU deting and KATO Youki

Course #3: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in Conflict and Peacebuilding: An Arts-based Approach
KANG Yunghun (Jeram) and OKUMOTO Kyoko

Course #4: Restorative Justice: Healing our Society and the Planet
LEE Jae Young and ISHIHARA Akiko

Course #5: Creating Peacebuilding Programs
Cheryl WOELK and KIM Hong Soek (Scott); LEE Paul Kyumin (assistant facilitator)

August 21 Departures from Miyazaki

All participants are strongly encouraged to join the entire program.

*Peace Games held on August 12 is an optional opportunity for those interested. A question is included on your application about Peace Games in which you can mark your interest. Please mark your interest to receive further instructions. We welcome your participation! (Please note that there will be an additional cost for the extra night of lodging on August 11.)

Peace Games is organized by long-partners of NARPI: AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) and GPPAC (Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict). The Northeast Asia Peace Games is a half-day, multi-party peace process simulation designed with university students and civil society practitioners in mind. This interactive workshop is focused on giving participants an experiential learning opportunity related to negotiation and peace in the context of Northeast Asia.

How to Apply

  1. Read the 2024 NARPI Summer Peacebuilding Training information package
  2. Complete the application form, along with all required documents (resume, recommendation letter, passport copy, if necessary), by May 25, 2024 (applications closed)
    Please use just one of the following forms:
    Google form in English
    WeChat/QQ form in Mandarin
  3. After receiving the acceptance letter and billing statement, transfer your payment to the NARPI bank account.
  4. Purchase flight tickets, or make other transportation plans.
  5. After receiving the pre-course readings and field trip readings by email, start studying to prepare for your courses and the trip.
  6. Join the Summer Peacebuilding Training and enjoy networking, sharing, and learning.

Program Cost

2024 Fees

  Lodging, Food, and Transportation Tuition Total
Field Trip $300 $150 $450
Courses $500 $350 $850
Entire program     $1,300

Travel costs (plane ticket, train ticket, bus fee, taxi fee, etc.) to and from the NARPI venues should be covered by participants or sponsoring organizations. Please wait to pay and book your flight until you receive a NARPI acceptance letter and billing statement by email.

Financial Support and Scholarships

NARPI partners AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) and MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) are providing scholarships for participants. The purpose is to enable participants to join NARPI Summer Trainings regardless of economic status and support participation from underrepresented areas in the Northeast Asia region. Scholarships are only available for participants from Northeast Asia. We encourage scholarship applicants to find a local sponsoring organization to cover at least half their costs.

Contact the administration team to request a scholarship application form at apply@narpi.net.

Early Payment discounts

  • If paid from May 10 – June 1: 15% discount of the total due amount
  • If paid from June 2 – June 20: 7% discount of the total due amount
  • If paid after June 20: No discount

Important Note: Early payment discounts do not apply to scholarship recipients.

Withdrawal Policy

Participants may withdraw up to two weeks before the training begins with a full refund, minus a 10% non-refundable cancellation fee (for administration costs). This also applies to those paying in person (in USD). No refund will be issued for cancellation two weeks or less before the beginning of the training.


NARPI welcomes people with a deep interest in peacebuilding in Northeast Asia to study and share life together each summer.

Admissions criteria

  1. Some level of experience in peacebuilding work or study, or passion for peacebuilding.
  2. Commitment to share what you learn at NARPI with your organization and/or community. (See the statement of intent question on the application form.)
  3. English ability sufficient to understand and participate in workshops conducted in English.

NARPI participants have included (and not limited to)

  • NGO/NPO staff and interns
  • Peace educators and activists
  • Teachers and professors
  • Students (high school graduates, university, graduate school)
  • Government officials, military and police
  • Community leaders
  • Religious leaders
  • Anyone interested in peacebuilding in NEA