New in 2021: Online NARPI (ON!)

Note: The 2021 NARPI Summer Peacebuilding Training in Ulaanbaatar has been postponed to 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

New in 2021: Online NARPI! (ON!)

Between August 2021 and March 2022, we are running several online sessions on topics that are important to peace and conflict in our daily lives and in our region. We hope this will become a space where we can continue our community of learning and use this opportunity to bring more people into the NARPI network.

In the ON! workshops, we would like to welcome participants who are from the region of Northeast Asia, or living in the region, or deeply connected to the region, or who have special care for the region.

Upcoming ON! Workshops

Date: December 11, 2021, 17:00-19:00 (Seoul/Tokyo time)

Theme: Reflection & Sharing – ON! Cafe

Facilitators: Suyeon Kang and Moe Sasaki

Registration: (Google) or (WeChat)

There is no fee to join! Please register by 23:59 on December 8.



Previous ON! Workshops



Date: November 20, 2021, 20:30-22:30 p.m. (Seoul/Tokyo time)

Theme: Becoming Aware of Broken Relationships in Northeast Asia

Facilitators: Natsuha Kajita and deting lu












Date: October 16, 2021, 20:30-22:30 p.m. (Seoul/Tokyo time)

Theme: Becoming Aware of Broken Relationships

Facilitators: Natsuha Kajita and deting lu

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Date: September 11, 2021, 2:00-4:00 p.m. (Seoul/Tokyo time)

Theme: Dialogue on the Covid-19 Pandemic: Walking Towards Peace and Justice Together

Facilitators: Akiko Ishihara and Suyeon Kang

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Date: August 14, 2021, 16:00-17:30 p.m. (Seoul/Tokyo time)

Theme: Welcome to Online NARPI! Looking Back to Look to the Future Together

Facilitators: Moe Sasaki and Natsuha Kajita

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If you have any questions, please contact the NARPI admin team – 

Please spread the word about Online NARPI to anyone in your network who would be interested!

2019 Courses

Week 1: August 9-13, 2019

1. English for Peacebuilding

2. Conflict and Peace Framework

3. Theory and Practice of Peace Education

4. Diverse Approaches to Peacebuilding

5. Trainer’s Training (for repeat participants)

more information

Week 2: August 17-21, 2019

 6. Restorative Justice for Historical Harms

 7. Optimizing Peacemaking by Ending Generational Trauma

 8. Space and Facilities for Peacebuilding: the roles of the arts, education and exhibition

 9. Community-Based Conflict Transformation

more information

Field Trip: August 14-16, 2019

1. Comfort Women Museum

2. Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall

3. Mei Yuan Community Center

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Evening Events

At NARPI trainings, meaningful sharing and learning continues after classes have finished each day. Some evening events are planned by the hosting group, to introduce more about the historical, cultural or social issues of the hosting area. Most evening events, though, are planned by participants, as a way to share their interests or experiences with others, through presentations, videos and discussion. In addition, there is a Culture and Talent Night in Week 2, during which time participants and facilitators present their cultures through song, dance, games, food, photos, etc.

2019 Facilitators

2019 Special Resource Persons


2019 Schedule

Session 1 August 9-13  (Registration August 8) Course #1 English for Peacebuilding Cheryl Woelk Course #2 Conflict and Peace Framework Hiro Katano Course #3
Theory and Practice of Peace Education Kathy Matsui
Course #4 Diverse Approaches to Peacebuilding
Kyoko Okumoto and Jae Young Lee
Course #5
Trainer’s Training
Kyoko Okumoto and Jae Young Lee
Field Trip – August 14-16 Visit Anti-War Museum, Comfort Women Museum, Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Confucius Temple, and the Mei Yuan Community Center. Opportunities for group dialogue with Nanjing citizens
Session 2 August 17-21 (Departures August 22) Course #6
Restorative Justice for Historical Harms
Hiro Katano
Course #7 
Optimizing Peacemaking by Ending Generational Trauma
Tommy Lee Woon
Course #8
Space and Facilities for Peacebuilding: The Roles of the Arts, Education and Exhibition
Ryozo Teruoka
Course #9 
Community-Based Conflict Transformation
Hong Soek Kim

Follow these steps to apply!

  1. Read the 2019 Summer Training information package
  2. Complete the application form, along with all required documents (resume, recommendation letter, passport copy). If you are from mainland China and/or unable to open the link, please complete the application via this word document and email to Submit by June 15.
  3. After receiving the acceptance letter and billing statement, transfer your payment to the NARPI bank account.
  4. Purchase direct flight ticket to Lukou International Airport, or make other plans for transportation.
  5. After receiving the pre-course readings and field trip readings by email, start studying to prepare for your courses and the trip.
  6. Join the Summer Training and enjoy two weeks of networking, sharing and learning.

Lodging and Food

The venue for the 2019 NARPI training is the Nanjing University Xianlin Campus. Courses will be held in the Nanjing University Make Place (canteen #11 building). Lunch and dinner will be offered on the 1st floor of the Make Place building with a selection of dishes for participants to choose from. Breakfast will be offered in the Nanjing University International Conference Center where facilitators and participants will be staying during the training.


Cost2019 Fees

  Lodging, Food and Transportation Tuition Total
Week 1 $275 $275 $550
Field Trip $200 $100 $300
Week 2 $275 $275 $550
Whole program $750 $650 $1400

*Note: Participants are welcome to join for one or both weeks. All participants are encouraged to join the field trip.


Recognizing the high cost of attending NARPI, a limited number of partial NARPI scholarships may be offered on a needs basis, to participants with a demonstrable commitment to peacework in the Northeast Asia region. Contact the administration team to request a scholarship application form:

Early Payment discounts (full payment required. Not applicable to scholarship recipients)

If paid from May 15 – June 15: 15% discount of total due amount If paid from June 16 – July 15: 7% discount of the total due amount If paid after July 15: No discount

Withdrawal Policy

Participants may withdraw up to two weeks before the training begins with a full refund, minus a 10% non-refundable process fee (for administration costs). No refund will be issued for a cancellation two weeks or less before the beginning of the training.


NARPI welcomes people with a deep interest in peacebuilding in Northeast Asia to study and share life together for two weeks each summer. Basic criteria for participants include

  1. Some level of experience in peacebuilding work or study, or passion for peacebuilding.
  2. Commitment to share what you learn at NARPI with your organization or community.
  3. English ability sufficient to understand and participate in workshops conducted in English.

NARPI participants usually come from the following groups

NGO/NPO staff and interns

Peace educators and activists

Teachers and professors

Students (high school graduates, university, graduate school)

Government officials, military and police

Community leaders

Religious leaders

Anyone interested in peacebuilding in NEA